28 December 2012

calno.com online

There may still have some problems (due to the bad domain provider), but calno.com is fully functional now.

The downtime was:
26, Dec. 2012 10:00 (UTC) (estimated) to
27, Dec. 2012 09:00 (UTC).

About 23 hours, calno.com had no IP and no mail handler.

Now everything is online, and I am receving worldwide mails (and spams).

27 December 2012

calno.com recovered

After some efforts I got back control of calno.com.
Once I make sure everything is OK I will announce it with a new post.

Anyway, www.dotster.com is a very bad domain provider. DO NOT USE their service if you are not a victim yet.

My domain was initially registered to a good company, www.addresscreation.com.
addresscreation is good, but after it got acquired by dotster, everything became bad and worse.

Every few months I have to handle those problems dotster made.
I will transfer my domain to other reliable domain provider as soon as possible.

26 December 2012

calno.com disappeared

The domain provider of calno.com have some problems.
The expration date of calno.com is Apr. 17, 2015 (which I paid for), but I have no control over it now, and I have no idea who can access it.

I have contacted the domain provider, and hope the problem could be resolved soon.

calno.com have no IP and no mail handler now, so I can not get any mail sent to caleb@calno.com. :-(

The worst condition is I loss the domain till Apr. 17, 2015, and nobody can access it(Uh, maybe some crackers can do it).

05 November 2012

DNS of calno.com recovered

DNS of calno.com was hijacked during
01/Nov/2012 20:06:45 (UTC) to
03/Nov/2012 17:19:30 (UTC).

It has been fixed.

03 November 2012

DNS of calno.com got cracked

The web hosting service calno.com rely on got cracked.
Before they fix the problem, please use github [1] to get source of Lɜafpad.
Two-gpg-key-signed SHA1SUMS was provided with the source, it should be safe enough.

[1] https://github.com/caleb-/l3afpad

24 October 2012

Lɜafpad released


 The "Thanks to Yoo, Taik-Yon!" Release
 * Fixed: indentation is not correctly initialized.
 * Fixed: the color of the line number is different
          from GTK theme.
 * Improved: remove overhead when drawing
             line numbers.
 * Improved: use the clipping information of
             the cairo context when drawing
             line numbers.
 Thanks to Yoo, Taik-Yon <jaagar AT gmail DOT com>
           for changes above.

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for Lɜafpad

21 May 2012

Lɜafpad released

 * Better compatibility with some compilers and
   CFLAGS, thanks to Daniel Richard G.
   <skunk AT iSKUNK DOT ORG>
 * Revert workaround for GTK+ 3.3.14,
   fixed in upstream 3.3.16

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for Lɜafpad

07 April 2012

[Workaround] Line Numbers and GTK+ 3.4.0

If you encounter problem with "Line Numbers" and GTK+ 3.4.0,
please do:

1. Rebuild your GTK+ 3.4.0 with configure option: --enable-debug=yes
1. Note that default setting is "--enable-debug=minimum",
1. which may cause problem.

2. download and build latest Lɜafpad
2. https://github.com/caleb-/l3afpad/tarball/master

I will release new tarball soon. :-)

20 February 2012

Lɜafpad released

 * Added Estonian translation
   (thanks Anari Jalakas).
 * Use AM_MAINTAINER_MODE([enable])
   to prevent timestamp skew issue
 * Disable search and replace history by default.
 * Workaround for line number color with
   GTK+ >= 3.3.14

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for Lɜafpad

19 January 2012

One week without internet

I may have no stable internet access next week.

23 January is Chinese New Year.

If you leave comments here, or mail something to me,

I may delay the reply to 30 January.

Anyway, happy Chinese New Year! :-)

09 January 2012

Lɜafpad released

 * Support search and replace history and
   option: --disable-search-history
 * Updated Japanese translation
   (Toshiharu Kudoh).
 * Updated Russian translation
   (Aleksej Perepyolkin).
 * Make everything compatible with gcc -std=c1x

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for Lɜafpad