11 November 2011

Lɜafpad now on Google Plus

An URL is worth a thousand words:


All new blog articles here will be there, too.

09 November 2011

Lɜafpad released

 * New icon set under the license:
   GNU General Public License version 2
   Copyright (C) 2011  Jack Gandy
   <scionicspectre AT gmail DOT com>
 * Make everything GTK+ 3.3.2 compatible
 * Code clean up

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for Lɜafpad

06 November 2011

Do not upgrade libthai to 0.1.16

Upgrading libthai to 0.1.16 makes Lɜafpad crash.
Downgrade libthai to 0.1.15 fixes the problem.

How to reproduce the bug:
1. open Lɜafpad and type something
2. use "Save As..." to save to a file
3. Lɜafpad crashes

I will check the problem later.