01 September 2011

How to report bug, request feature, or submit patch for Lɜafpad

Official issue tracker now hosted at github:

I hope users could choose to report bug anonymously, so I did not use issue trackers that needs login.

However, as Lɜafpad have more and more users, an issue tracker is necessary.

There are 3 ways to report bug currently:
1. leave a comment here (at http://L3afpad.blogspot.com)
2. mail to "caleb AT calno DOT com"
3. use the github issue tracker (need a github account)

Once you leave a "comment for bug" here, I will forward it to github, and paste the URL below your comment.

You can still discuss it here, or just go to github.

If you have a big patch file, please mail to me or use online pastebin service.

If you know an issue tracker that does not need users login, please tell me. :-)

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